The Company

A $1.5 billion provider of outsourced financial services to leading financial institutions such as J.P. Morgan Chase, AmSouth and Fifth Third Bancorp.

The Situation

Two flagship financial service products are trending downward and in danger of not meeting revenue goals for the current year and beyond.

The Challenge

Product #1:

Achieve License revenue of $9.1M in current year and $15.4M in next year
Achieve Consulting revenue of $7.4M in current year and $10.5M in next year

Product #2:

What would be a deployable Value Proposition that compels prospects to buy this product?
How can we more effectively and efficiently Prepare For and Present this product to realize a 20% improvement in “making the cut”?
Identify and recommend effective Sales Tools to contribute to improved product sales

The Results

  • Both WorkOuts positioned the sales engine to meet or exceed the $30M sales target for the flagship products the following year
  • Sales increased significantly for the targeted flagship products
  • A new Customer Relationship Management tool was implemented
  • The sales process was restructured for increased sales productivity
  • A next generation product, based on WorkOut session recommendation, allowed Company to maintain and also capture a greater percentage of the market
  • Client commits to making the WorkOut process an ongoing improvement activity beyond the pilot stage


“The ability to break down hierarchy walls and work together was most effective. It was a great experience for the “up and comers” in the company. Ray was a great facilitator – he kept a very challenging team on task.”
– Sales Manager, Financial Services, Milwaukee, WI

“Understanding the discrete steps of each sub-process and the expected outcomes were helpful in knowing what we were supposed to be tracking to. The strong facilitation was key to keeping us on track.”
– Customer Service Rep, Financial Services, Milwaukee, WI

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