Accelerate business and cultural change!

Many top-tier companies have successfully adapted the WorkOut process for their organizations and have realized:

  • tremendous results in faster and better execution to serve their customers
  • cycle time reduction
  • cost savings
  • revenue enhancement
  • productivity improvement

What is WorkOut?

WorkOut is a powerful tool for accelerating business and cultural change across all functions in an organization. There are four critical components of the WorkOut process.

Here's How it Works:

  • First, it starts with identifying Critical Business Issues. Preferably measurable and quantifiable, theses issues are complex, requiring an array of expertise, usually involving people from different functions in the organization.
  • The second component, and the heart of the process, is people working together in Cross-functional Teams. Much different than typical team problem-solving models, people closest to the issue are brought together in intensive 2-4 day professionally facilitated WorkOut sessions. This intensive teaming experience results in innovative, actionable recommendations supported by concrete action plans. The teaming experience also removes obstacles between functions, develops stronger working relationships, and provides a model of how people can work together more effectively.
  • How Leaders Make Decisions is the third component. On the last afternoon of the WorkOut session, the leaders comprising the decision-making team come to the Session to hear the teams present their recommendations. They will make decisions on the spot with either a “Yes” or “No”.
  • Lastly, the WorkOut Process acts to Facilitate Change. It provides a means to attain quantifiable business improvement while providing a “continuous-learning opportunity” for changing how people work together.

Three WorkOut Phases

WorkOut Case Studies


“The strength of this process is that it provides a framework for getting people involved in a way that’s focused, efficient and effective.”
– VP, Operations, Biotech, Boston, MA

“In addition to achieving significant measurable business results, we were able to improve customer satisfaction and the morale of the employees who were constantly dealing with the problem.”
- HR Manager, Consumer Products, New York, NY

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