Process Improvement

Improve processes to improve results!

Want to improve productivity, results, employee morale and customer satisfaction? Look no further than your own key business and work processes. Most likely they have become cumbersome, outdated, inconsistent, inefficient and ineffective. Crisping them up will improve execution, accelerate outputs and improve quality.

A Process View of Work

  • All work consists of processes – definable sets of events that transform inputs into outputs.
  • The process view of work provides a focus for improving the way work is done, and is essential to increasing both productivity and customer satisfaction.
  • People are organized according to function. A process links the different functions in seamless flow between customers and suppliers.

Processes Flow across Work Units

Steps to Improving Processes

Step 1: IDENTIFY Key Business Processes

We work with the senior team to help you identify the key processes for your organization or business – macro processes as well as sub-processes that comprise the enterprise’s work.

Step 2: PRIORITIZE Processes for Improvement

Once the key processes are identified, our consultants help the senior team prioritize those processes that, when improved or redesigned, will have the greatest impact on improving organizational effectiveness.

Step 3: Ensure ACCOUNTABILITY - Identify Process Owners

Critical to successful process improvement is ensuring accountability for process quality and results. We work with the senior team to ensure that Process Owners are identified for each key process. We also help the team define the Process Owner’s role and authority.


A variety of effective process improvement methodologies exist. The foundations of each of these share the same elements. We ensure that a common process improvement method is used throughout the organization. This could be the organization’s chosen method, Excalibur’s method or one that our consultants customize to match your needs. In some cases, the WorkOut methodology may be used for process improvement.


A project plan is developed that identifies the process improvement objectives, key processes to be improved/redesigned, method selected, team compositions, schedule, roles, project organization structure and deliverables. Depending on your needs, we can also assist in establishing and executing a Project Office.

Step 6: IMPLEMENT Process Improvement Initiatives

Depending on the process improvement design, process improvements are implemented in a variety of ways. Here are some examples:

  • Training followed by Process Improvement Teams
  • Process Improvement Teams (training is done during the Team’s work sessions)
  • Process Improvement WorkOut Sessions are designed and facilitated

Step 7: PUBLICIZE Results

We work with the Process Owners to ensure that the rest of the organization is kept informed of progress as the key processes are improved or redesigned. Once the process changes are in place we help the Process Owner communicate the results of the new or redesigned process.

Step 8: REWARD People for New Behaviors

Often process change requires behavior change from the people working the process. Our change management consultants help the Process Owner identify the key behaviors required to ensure successful adoption and execution of the process. We then work to ensure a formal and/or informal recognition and reward system is in place to appropriately reward teams and individuals who exhibit the behavior required in the new or redesigned process.


“Excalibur’s straight forward, no nonsense style helps bring closure to a number of tasks without ticking people off. Excalibur kept us out of the weeds and focused us on what needed to be done to move forward.”
- HR Manager, Consumer Products, New York, NY

“The Business Process & Customer Service Project was the most beneficial initiative that we’ve done. Our results exceeded the State norms in all survey dimensions.”
– Director, Office of HR, Large Midwestern State

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