Organizational Assessments

Helping you to understand your organization!

Organizational Analysis

We offer a customized analysis of your organization that fits your unique needs and situation. Our consultants combine a variety of assessment methods below to engage people from all levels and functions and build a comprehensive “picture of today”.

  • Survey Design & Administration (culture, climate, organization effectiveness)
  • Organizational Analysis Interviews
  • Customer & Employee Focus Groups
  • Customer Surveys & Interviews
  • Leadership/Management Style Inventories
  • Observation of Groups and Processes

Why Conduct An Organizational Analysis?

Leaders need to know what’s going on in their business environment to make the right decisions to position the organization for success. It helps to get an objective picture of your organization’s perceived strengths, weaknesses, barriers and resistance to change. A clear picture of today will help you plan for and implement the changes required to get to your “desired” organization. Excalibur Consulting helps you look at your organization through two lenses – internal lens and external lens.

Internal Lens

You get a thorough understanding of your organization’s capabilities to carry out strategic change, and identify opportunities for operational improvement and cultural change. We use a variety of assessment models to gather internal perceptions and opinions of the situation. Here’s a couple:

  • 7-S Diagnostic Model for Organizational Effectiveness
  • Socio-Technical Change Model for technology change

7-S Diagnostic Model

Socio-Technical Change Model

External Lens

Many organizations get too internally focused and lose sight of the world around them. We help you collect, analyze and interpret data on your competition, customers and marketplace. This information helps you make informed strategic choices.

  • Voice of the Customer
  • Competitive Analysis

Individual Assessments

Helping you to understand yourself!

We offer a variety of off-the-shelf and customized assessment tools and inventoriesto improve individual effectiveness.

  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)
  • DISC
  • 360 Feedback

Team Assessments

Helping you to understand the team!

We customize team effectiveness assessments based on the needs of the team, whether it is an executive team, project/product team, intact work group or cross-functional team. These assessments are based on a variety of industry-accepted team effectiveness models.

We can also observe the team in action, using group observation tools, and provide real-time feedback to the team on its performance.


“As the State’s key consultant for conducting the Assessment, your insight and experiences were extremely helpful. You were able to successfully convey project findings to all levels of managers in the State, from the Governor’s Cabinet to the first-line supervisor.”
– Director, Technical Review & Management Services, Large Midwestern State

“The focus groups made it possible for us to collect and analyze a large quantity of customer input in a short time frame. This input will help us define and justify new information services at the Laboratory.”
– Director, R&D Center – National Security, Boston, MA

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