Leadership Development

Effective leaders are key to success!

We help develop leadership and management capability at all levels in the organization from the first-line supervisor to members of the executive team. We offer the following approaches to leadership development.

  • Strategic Plan Alignment & Communications
  • Executive & Managerial Coaching
  • Leadership Development Training Programs

Strategic Plan Alignment & Communications

We believe that the organization’s leaders need to be viewed as the chief “salespeople” of the Strategic Plan. Our consultants provide real-time Executive Coaching to help leaders align and communicate the Strategic Plan to key stakeholders.

Executive & Managerial Coaching

How do you retain key leaders, improve managerial and business performance, and successfully develop managers and leaders? The answer - executive and managerial coaching! Today, more and more organizations are faced with rapid and continuous change that places increasing demands on executives and managers. To help executives cope with these demands, leading organizations have embraced coaching and seen dramatic results.

Our consultants also work individually with leaders to improve their effectiveness and help them develop an Individual Success Plan. See our information on Coaching to learn more.

Leadership Development Training Programs

We offer a combination of off-the-shelf and customized training programs to develop the leadership and management skills for current and future success.

The major purpose of our Leadership and Management Development Programs is to increase the effectiveness of managers and leaders in the performance of their duties. Our goal is to get participants to think and act in ways that will increase their motivation, professionalism, and ability to accomplish organizational objectives. As such, the program is oriented toward practical applications of concepts, theories, and techniques. While specific behavioral objectives are presented for each module, the overall objectives of the Leadership/Management Development Program are:

  1. To provide managers and leaders with the knowledge and skills for improved performance.
  2. To have managers and leaders practice and apply learning back on the job.

The Core Modules are listed below and are a ½-day each in duration. The modules can also be used as stand-alone training programs.

Role of a Manager Effective Teams
Managing People Motivation
Coaching Others Communications
Decision-Making Influence
Planning & Goal-setting Selection Interviewing
Conflict Management Leadership
Delegating Understanding & Managing Change

Additional modules and their duration are:

Applied Strategic Planning 2 days
Creating High Performance Teams 2 days
Project Management 3 days
Performance Management/Goal Setting ½ day
Sexual Harassment Prevention and EEO Training for Managers and Supervisors ½ day


“Tom is one of the most effective external change agents I have worked with in a number of situations over the years. Tom has the strongest clarity skill set and closure skill set that you’ll ever meet.”
- SVP, OD & HR, High-Tech, Boston, MA

“Excalibur kicked the walls down between people in this company. They had a big impact on the culture. The management team was virtually blown away by the quality, thoroughness and results of the project team’s work.”
- VP Operations, Manufacturer, Boston, MA

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