Redefining Human Resources

Increase HR’s value to the organization!

In today's highly competitive environment, organizations are continually wrestling with change. You can't turn a page in a magazine or business section of your favorite newspaper without reading: Reengineering, Continuous Improvement, Rightsizing, Outsourcing, etc. At the heart of all of these initiatives is change.

The Human Resources function has a critical role to play in helping organizations deal with change. It requires the Human Resources function to first get its own act together.

  • Are your HR objectives aligned with the organization's strategic objectives?
  • Do you know what your internal customers require of you?
  • What role should HR be playing now and in the future?
  • How effective and efficient are your HR processes?
  • How are your HR people spending their time?
  • Is there a better way to allocate the HR resources to better support the organization's business goals?

Our consulting approach systematically redefines the Human Resources function and increases the value of HR to the line and overall organization, truly positioning HR as a business partner.

Steps in Redefining HR

I. Determine Organization’s Strategic Business Objectives
Through a series of executive interviews and review of relevant documentation, the strategic business objectives of the organization are identified along with the implications for HR.

II. Conduct Customer Needs Assessment
Working with a team of internal HR people, we design and conduct a customer assessment process to determine HR customers' needs/wants, perception of HR products/programs/services, and satisfaction levels. The HR organization learns how to undertake this process and can replicate the methodology in subsequent years. Another significant benefit of this activity is improved relationships with HR's internal customers.

III. Analyze Current HR Work
Working with the HR team, we help the team identify HR's key business processes and assess their effectiveness. Together we develop benchmarks and internal standards for quantity and quality of work, quantify how the HR people resource is being allocated and compare the allocation to business priorities.

IV. Develop HR Strategic Plan
Using the information collected in the above steps, our consultants work with the HR management team to develop a common vision; shared values; a newly defined HR mission; and goals, objectives and critical success factors that align with the organization’s strategic business objectives. As each element of the plan is developed it is shared with the HR staff and internal customers for reactions and buy-in.

V. Transform Human Resources
The HR function begins its transformation to a more consultative organization, equipped to facilitate change and better support the business of the organization. The HR role becomes more strategic, the HR structure more flexible and team based, and the skills of the HR staff include consulting expertise as well as traditional HR competencies.


For the human resources organization to be a valued contributor in the future, HR must systematically and proactively redefine itself. The process of Redefining Human Resources requires a commitment to the journey of change. There are numerous obstacles and perils on this journey but the opportunities for revival and future success are well worth the risk.


“With Excalibur’s help, the OHR Business Partner role was formed which facilitated improved understanding and communication between business areas.”
– Director, Office of HR, Large Midwestern State

“The Redefining HR Process was extremely valuable in pulling our HR strategy together, aligning it with the company’s strategic plan and improving relationships with our internal customers.”
– SVP Human Resources, Consumer Products, New Jersey

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