Change Management

Getting change to stick!

Excalibur consultants are seasoned, change management experts. We’ve worked with leadership teams to design and execute change programs and processes in a variety of industries and situations.

Principles of Change Management

We promote the following principles when helping you to lead change:

  • People need to understand the CONTEXT and NEED for change
  • Leadership needs to be able to build and communicate a compelling VISION for the change
  • Expect RESISTANCE, deal with it effectively and turn it into support
  • INVOLVE the people closest to and most affected by the change in the design of the change
  • Organizational leaders need to believe in and visibly SUPPORT the change
  • Leaders need to develop CHAMPIONS for change in the organization and build a CRITICAL MASS of support for the change to be successful
  • During the change, leaders must COMMUNICATE, COMMUNICATE, COMMUNICATE!

Change is a process

Here are the main phases of any change process:

  • Assess the current state (“As Is”)
    • Explain need and context for change
    • Gauge commitment to change
    • Understand capacity to change
  • Create the future state (“To Be”)
    • Paint a desirable, attracting picture
    • Significantly better and different than today
    • Answers the question – “What’s in it for me?”
  • Determine the GAP between the “As Is” and the “To Be”
  • Architect the Change – create the plan to close the gap
  • Lead and manage through the transition


The Change Model

Here’s a model that depicts the change process.

Read about Excalibur's success in managing change for a major Biotech company. Download the client profile (PDF).


“My first pick for change management and organizational design is Tom Stratigakis. Tom understands the psychology of change, the realities and pitfalls of change efforts. He is best suited for being in the middle of the heat of the change efforts, pushing for accountabilities and results, getting teams to results. He is not happy until he sees the needed changes happening.
- Director, Organizational Development, High-Tech, Boston, MA

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